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Кто зарабатывает деньги на ставках на спорт

Understandably, failures can happen if these are isolated cases, then there are fewer questions, and in such situations an honest broker cancels such a deal. But here it is not only the frequency of such failures that is striking, but also the position of those support. The client received a duplicate response that there was no order in the logs of the order closing order. How will it be if the order is not opened?

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The client believes that the incorrect quotes at DC FxPro led to a negative trading result. The balance from the trading account was never withdrawn. The second time the desire to check the reliability of the "Kitchen" the desire of the trader does not arise correctly. Why go on the same rake twice?

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The surprise was waiting for the FxPro client when he turned on the computer in the morning and went to his personal account. 7555 dollars were written off from his account. And it is not possible to return them, for the reason that they were conducted as a negative transaction. This is how a person lost a large amount without even turning on a computer.

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It is further explained that many honest brokers are not afraid of arbitragers, since the transactions are brought to the market and are closed at the prices of liquidity providers, and when the “Kitchen” broker, situations arise when the trader catches the price difference, and they have to cancel such transactions.

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We understand that the FxPro story is just beginning, and we will probably need comments from the head office (  with the Russian, we are all now — gopot  ), which will explain the behavior of the “director” or former director, and indeed the situation, t. to. The settlement procedure is outlined here:  /l6797  and we also let everyone speak, not only to disgruntled traders, but also to disgruntled kitchens,  even if they behave like outright gopota  .

The client adds his previous review to the fact that the break in communication in the trading terminal at DC FxPro is going on with enviable consistency, it is not possible to trade on the news, as you sit for a long time and wait for communication.

In general, it can be noted that the holding FxPro Group Ltd is very concerned with its entry into the CySec regulator. However, it is not once that traders write that it is not necessary to wait for protection from the regulator, in most cases, CySec will never respond to a complaint to a client.

The trader also notes the presence of strongly expanding spreads, his assessment of work in this dealing center is negative, he cannot recommend him to anyone, it is better to bypass the FxPro side.

Now consider the official documents of the company FxPro. Any cooperation must be accompanied by the signing of the contract. Therefore, this broker is no exception. However, the search for at least an electronic version of a client agreement or regulation was accompanied with great difficulty, especially for a Russian-speaking client. The official site simply does not have such information, while the share of customers speaking in Russian is decent. It is clear when the company writes that in controversial points it is necessary to rely on the English version of the contract, but the translation into Russian still exists and is available to customers from Russia.